What our parents and children say...


Here are a few comments given by parents about their experiences with us...

A parent

I just wanted to say how amazing I think the Brown Bear team are. Always so welcoming and I know ******* has a great time in your home from home care. The admin and management are also fantastic and supportive, Thank you!

Fantastic staff, happy little boy...

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all at brown bears, ******* has taken a little while to fully adjust to the nursery setting but with all your advise, patience and perseverance he now arrives happily at nursery. I especially want to thank Abi and Sophie as his familiar staff members it was lovely to see how happy Sophie was just to see ******* happy this morning arriving at nursery without any tears that shows how much the staff really do care for the little ones! Thank you so much for doing a fantastic job at looking after my little boy xx

A poem by Jodi

At 8 months old I started at Brown Bear all bushy haired and bright

My Mummy felt sad at leaving me and I prayed I would be alright


Everyone was nice to me and I played all day long

We had so much fun laughing, giggling and singing lots of songs


Since that day I have learnt so much and enjoyed being here

Growing up and passing new milestones with each new coming year


The staff have always been lovely, so caring and kind

Mummy says people that are so real and genuine are often hard to find


Feed me, cuddle me, and wipe away my tears

Always making me feel safe and dissolving any fears


I've learnt to crawl, clap, sing, dance and talk

Feed myself, dress myself, play, share and walk


Mummy and Daddy had to work but you were always there

Teaching me, helping me and showing that you care


Now it's time to leave and start a new adventure at school

Ironically Mummy feels really sad again but I think it's quite cool


I will miss all my friends here and the fun times we have shared together

Always laughing and having good times whatever the season or weather


I will miss all the staff the most, of whom I love and know

And I thank you all endlessly for helping me to blossom and grow

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